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Honey Gourami 

 Genus name: Colisa Chuna

Distribution:  North Eastern India, Bangladesh

Length:  up to 2.8" (7cm)

Minimum Tank Length:  12" (30cm)

Water Temperature: 75-79F (24-26C)

Diet: Worms, crustaceans, insects, dried food

Water: not critical, soft to medium-hard preferred

Lives: Towards the top of the aquarium

Breeding:  Egg Layers

Community or Species Tank

Honey GouramiThe Honey Gourami is a peaceful fish which can live in a community aquarium, but they are often better in a species aquarium, as this allows the male Honey Gouramis a chance to establish their own territories and to develop their full colours.

The Honey Gourami should be kept in an aquarium with feathery-leaved rooted plants and a few floating plants.  Roots and rocks should be arranged on the bottom to provide shelter for the Honey Gourami.   There should also be sufficient open water for swimming.

Honey Gourami like to swim near the top of the aquarium, and can breathe oxygen from the air on the surface, so make sure that the surface of the aquarium is exposed to fresh air.  Usually an aquarium hood with ventilation holes will be sufficient.

The Honey Gourami in general is pale yellow, with silver iridescence that becomes more pronounced towards the underparts.  The iris is reddish, and there is a dark brown stripe running from the eye to the root of the caudal fin.  The female Honey Gourami and the young males are much duller with a distinct longitudinal stripe.

The Honey Gourami will breed fairly successfully in an aquarium.  Firstly the male will build a nest using bubbles to bind plants together, and then he will court the female.  The female will release her eggs into the nest, and the male with fertilise them, there could be anywhere from 300 to 800 eggs.

At this point the female Honey Gourami should be removed from the aquarium, and the male will look after the eggs.  When the young are 2-3 days old, it is advisable to remove the male Honey Gourami as he may well eat the young. 

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